About Us

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah has opened the doors for us to open a masjid. It just started with a group of brothers from Leeds, who came together to open a new masjid to serve the community. It Is with the guidance and mercy of Allah that He chose us a group of local brothers from Leeds to open Al-Rahmah Faith centre, a masjid that focuses on the needs of the community, such as it being diverse in terms of it not being attributed to a certain race, rather our focus is the thing that brings all of these different people together, Islam.

This masjid does not belong to any sect or group but just the Tawheed of Allah and the Sunnah of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. We want to especially work and provide for our honourable sisters in Islam from sister circles to tajweed and aqeeda classes. We also have great aspiration to welcome the new generation and make them find peace guidance and tranquility and to feel connected to the house of Allah.

We will by the permission of Allah be active in teaching and Dawah from weekly halaqas and duroos for all ages. Our khutbah’s will be delivered mainly in English because we feel that there is a need for it from our youth and new Muslims from our community. We have many plans and aspirations and we want to by the permission of Allah keep this masjid lively and busy but as of now we are in need of your donations to boost our projects and dawah to Tawheed.

May Allah bless you all for your generosity.