This service aims to provide support for the less fortunate Muslims living in our community.


Our Muslim sisters who have been made homeless, forced on to the streets due to a divorce or suffering from domestic violence.

Muslim families unable to eat, drink and clothe themselves due to the loss of their breadwinner.

New Muslim brothers and sisters facing dangers and difficulties due to reverting to the true religion.

Al Rahmah Zakah Service has an objective to guide and support such vulnerable people catering for their basic necessities and giving them a helping hand, in shaa Allah

Our service…
Gives you peace of mind that your Zakah money and your obligatory act of Zakah will be used effectively and within the authentic beneficiaries as stated in the Quran.

ALLAH سبحانه و تعالى SAYS IN THE QURAN;
“And establish prayer and give Zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourself you will find it with Allah. Indeed Allah, of what you do, is seeing.”
The Quran 2:110