Al Rahmah Faith Centre aims to Inspire, Educate and Serve the local community and worldwide and to encourage others to Inspire, Educate and Serve. We aim to Inspire people to faith and to increase in faith through Talks, Social Media, various Social Activities and our dedicated Youth program. Our Dawah department at Al Rahma Faith center deliver 3 conferences each year, we deliver over 300 talks here at the masjid & over 150 nationally. We run workshops and seminars for over 12 universities around the UK and our imams provide 15 hours of weekly Islamic counselling on site.

£50 can help produce booklets and other islamic literature to organisations across the UK.

£100 can sponsor a lecture or khutbah that benefits over 5000 people onsite and through online platforms.

£300 can produce an educational video watched by over 50,000 people.

£1000 can support an insalmic society for a year with the following:

  • Khateeb for Jummah Khutbah’s
  • Lectures
  • Literature
  • Discover Islam week
  • Advice and counselling

If you would like to be part of this amazing work being done and have a share in the reward please donate.

Remember every person that benefits or learns something new at these events, you will also receive a portion of the reward, don’t miss out!